Membership Duration:

The yearly membership starts with Diwali and ends just prior to next year’s Diwali.

Here are some of the programs/initiatives that the membership dollars have supported.

  • Marathi movies and Ventilator, Chi va Chi sau ka, Muramba and Faster Fene shown in the theaters.
  • Musical programs from visiting artist,  Dr. Saleel Kulkarni Concert and local artists at Vasant bahar.
  • Super hit Marathi play; Sakhar khallela manus starring Prashant Damle and Shubhangi Gokhale.
  • Consistently and successful publishing ‘Hitguj’, with a print version of Diwali Anka of the same made available to all attendees during Diwali 2017.
  • Dhol Tasha purchased and the ongoing efforts to form our very own Dhol Tasha Pathak.
  • Supporting the Marathi education for kids at Chinmaya Mission and HATS school in the Twin Cities.
  • Ganeshostav organized and managed with proceeds donated to Hindu Mandir.
    Managing and organizing our regular featured events;Sankrant, Vasant-Bahar, Picnic, Ganeshostav and Diwali.

Members get to attend most of the MAM programs for FREE. 

Prorated Membership details given below:

Membership Type 

  • Single Membership: $60
  • Family Membership: $115 :  Member and Spouse
  • Full Time College Student with ID – $25
  • Full time Married Student – $25 + Spouse ($60) +(Child : $15 membership if       applicable)

Add Ons :

  • Child (age 5 to 18) Membership: $15 per child or grand child
  • Dependent or visiting parents: $50 per parent
  • Full Time student Spouse $25

Membership Form

Membership Benefits

  • You are supporting a vibrant Marathi community in Twin Cities.
  • Members can attend many of these programs for no additional cost.Depending on the program and total cost, member sometimes are requested to pay a discounted price for a program.
  • Members can actively participate in programs at different levels. For example, members can keep a food stall at Vasant Bahar for no fee.
  • Members provide the critical mass needed to support programs of guest artists from outside Twin Cities.

Members get a chance to showcase their talent in a community setting.

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