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नमस्कार मंडळी,

Please keep sending in your contributions for future issues!

Who can contribute?
– You! Each one of you who is reading this!!
– Anyone with a viewpoint to share and can think/write in Marathi.
– Anyone who is not Marathi speaking, but has a unique take on Marathi manus and culture!
What can I contribute?
– Your work, your thoughts expressed through words, rhymes, prose, colors, pixels or brushstrokes!
– We have so much to talk about! Our festivals, seasons, childhood memories!
– Plus recipes, architecture around twin cities and all our ongoing sections.
How can I contribute?
– Send in your work to mamn.hitguj@gmail.com
  * Textual work – typed preferably in Unicode (http://www.google.com/intl/mr/inputtools/try/)
   * Pictures – hi-resolution jpeg
   * Paintings/other artwork – scanned hi-resolution jpeg
   * Any other form of expression that the editor hasn’t  yet thought of, let’s talk!!
– The editor is here to help, to Ideate and to Iterate, to Translate and to Type it!
When can I contribute?
– Now is as good a time as any. Just get in touch as and when an idea strikes you and we can work into the next edition of Hitguj.
Why should I contribute?
– It is rewarding to articulate and express yourself in a language we grew up with!
– It is satisfying to reach the entire Marathi community with your thoughts and feelings!!
– It is gratifying to put up something we can all stand behind and be proud of as a community!!!

-From the Editor’s Desk